Last updated on February 8th, 2024 at 04:42 pm

Building Momentum Through Diversity

In today’s global market, building a diverse workforce isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a business imperative.

Companies with diverse teams show increased creativity, better decision-making, and are more likely to capture new markets. Diversity also brings a range of perspectives, sparking innovation and driving competitive advantages.

Challenges in Cultivating Diversity

Despite its benefits, many organizations struggle to build a diverse workforce.

Key challenges include unconscious biases in the hiring process, a limited approach to sourcing candidates, and a lack of support for diverse employees’ advancement. These barriers can unintentionally maintain homogeneity, hindering a company’s growth and innovation potential.

The Recruiting Power of a Tier 1 Diversity Supplier

As a Tier 1 Diversity Supplier placing entry-level professionals to C-suite executives, our commitment to inclusivity is a catalyst for growth. That’s why 78% of our 5,000 annual placements represent diverse groups and backgrounds.

Our deep well of experienced, pre-qualified candidates also helps ensure we’re able to quickly and reliably provide staffing solutions for clients across the nation.

Using Advanced Technology to Quantify as we Qualify

Advanced analytics tools and cutting-edge Al help ensure the roles we fill accurately reflect the rich diversity of the national talent pool.

Artificial intelligence can help minimize the potential for bias in subjective evaluations and helps us evaluate candidates’ skills and abilities through standardized testing.

Analysis & Education

Careful analysis helps us identify and eliminate patterns of potential of hiring bias so we can partner with HR teams to guide data-driven diversity initiatives. Blind résumé screening removes identifying information like name, gender, and race from résumés, helping recruiters evaluate candidates based solely on qualifications and experience.

Expanded Candidate Sourcing

Detailed job description evaluations help us scrub potentially biased language which could discourage certain candidates from applying. This helps us cultivate applicants from a wide range of sources and platforms, significantly improving our ability to provide a diverse slate to clients.


We understand the value of maximizing employee retention and minimizing attrition, so we use predictive analytics based on past performance data to help us determine the likelihood of a candidate’s success in a particular role.

The journey to a more equitable future begins now. Let’s get started…