You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

As a certified women owned business placing nearly 5,000 people each year, we know that it’s not enough just to say you’re a diverse organization. To achieve true diversity, you first need to understand the metrics you’re striving for.

Using Advanced Technology to Quantify as we Qualify

Using advanced analytics tools and cutting-edge AI, we dive deep into our well of pre-qualified candidates to help ensure the Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Direct Hire roles we fill accurately reflect the rich diversity of the national talent pool.

Analysis & Education

Analyzing our clients’ hiring data helps us identify and eliminate patterns of potential of hiring bias and partner with HR teams to guide data-driven diversity initiatives.

Expanded Candidate Sourcing

Careful evaluation of job descriptions helps us scrub potentially biased language which could discourage certain candidates from applying. This helps us cultivate applicants from a wide range of sources and platforms, significantly improving our ability to provide a diverse slate to clients.


Artificial intelligence can help minimize the potential for bias in subjective evaluations and helps us evaluate candidates’ skills and abilities through standardized testing. Blind resume screening removes identifying information like name, gender, and race from resumes so recruiters evaluate candidates based solely on their qualifications and experience.


We understand the value of maximizing employee retention and minimizing attrition, so we use predictive analytics based on past performance data to help us determine the likelihood of a candidate’s success in a particular role while also mitigating bias and improving the quality of hiring decisions.

Building a Diverse Workforce Starts Here

We’re equally prepared to help our clients meet their diversity goals while consistently striving to achieve our own.

84% Women • 59% Black • 20% Asian/Hispanic/Other • 22% Caucasian • 6% Veteran/Disabled