Recruiting at the Highest Level

TalentBridge Network is a trusted MWBE-certified partner to companies across the United States – from the Fortune 1000 to small- and mid-sized businesses. We can assist you in recruiting positions across your organization – from corporate leadership to senior management and middle management positions across your organization. 

Our Retained & Executive Search Process

Understand Performance Requirements

Encouraging prospective candidates to consider your company’s open positions relies on our deep understanding of your organization. We delve deep into your company’s short-term and long-term business goals and objectives to better understand the position’s performance requirements – degrees, certifications, industry experience, etc. – to help ensure we match the most qualified, most diverse candidates to these critical roles. Our extensive executive search experience also enables us to review and make recommendations regarding your executive compensation and benefits packages to ensure they align with current market trends.

Pursue Candidate Research

When talented executives contact TalentBridge Network directly to learn about career growth and transition opportunities, we add them to our diverse database of qualified prospects. Our recruiting and executive search team also understand how to access open-source executive research tools to identify, kindle, and rekindle relationships with candidates who meet your position requirements. 

Vet Prospective Candidates

TalentBridge Network meets with prospective candidates to understand their personal and professional backgrounds; their knowledge of your industry’s products and services; their past success in achieving company performance goals; and their willingness to continue to pursue the opportunity.  We also do a deep dive to better understand each candidate’s personality, passions, and purpose. Many times, these aspects are more important than specific experience and expertise. 

Candidate Presentation

Finally, TalentBridge Network will present a portfolio of executive-level candidates who we know possess the qualifications to meet your performance metrics and complement your company’s culture.