Helping You Find the Talent to Keep Your Office Running Smoothly 

At TalentBridge Network, we know administrative and professional support teams are often the unsung heroes. They’re the people who get things done. They’re the “go-to” resource for helping keep the office and business running smoothly. TalentBridge Network has placed thousands of professional support personnel with companies seeking high-quality candidates who can come in and take charge. 

Whether it’s an office manager, administrative assistant, HR assistant, data entry clerk, or a diverse array of experienced or entry-level clerical positions, you should demand a high level of skill, organization, and professionalism from those who you hire. That’s where TalentBridge Network comes in. 

We start by understanding the role and responsibilities of the positions you are trying to fill. More importantly, we’ll dig into the culture of the company and the business environment in which you operate. Then we access our active database of administrative and clerical candidates with diverse skills and experiences. Not only will we make sure the candidates we recommend have the skills you need, we’ll also make sure they have the passion and attitude to make a difference in your business. That’s how we go one step further to place not just a candidate, but the right candidate in the roles you are recruiting for. 

TalentBridge Network can also support your needs for contract or temporary hires to meet business deadlines or support seasonal business spikes. 

Office & Administrative Positions We Can Help You Fill 

  • Executive Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Entry-Level Opportunities for Recent Grads
  • Entry-Level Logistics Opportunities
  • Merchandise Assistant – Opportunities in Corporate Retail and Fashion
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Junior Buyers – Purchasing Agents
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Legal Administrative Assistant
  • Professional Sales Coordinators
  • Entry-Level Logistics
  • Entry-Level Supply Chain Roles
  • Order Processing and Order Entry
  • Entry-Level Marketing Candidates
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Entry-Level, Recent college Graduate
  • Entry-Level Corporate Retail
  • Office Manager
  • Purchasing, Buying, Export/Import
  • LOA/FMLA Benefits Coordinators
  • HR Assistants