Job Description

We are seeking an experienced professional to join our team, focusing on improving business operations and driving strategic innovations within our service offerings. This role requires a deep understanding of our service products and application domains, along with strong analytical and conceptual skills to tackle diverse challenges.

Key Responsibilities

  • Enhance Business Operations and Drive Innovation:
    • Utilize your expertise to support critical projects and develop innovative service and portfolio solutions.
  • Collaborate with Management:
    • Maintain close interaction with various management functions to ensure cohesive operations and strategic alignment.
  • Technical Support for Acquisitions:
    • Provide detailed technical know-how on complex issues to support acquisition activities.
  • Adhere to Standards and Regulations:
    • Enforce internal processes, organizational rules, and public standards and regulations.

Impact and Skills

  • Holistic Process Understanding:
    • Integrate and consider processes and results from other workflows and disciplines to contribute effectively to team results.
  • Analytical and Conceptual Expertise:
    • Apply experienced-level analytical and conceptual skills to solve diverse issues, ranging in size and nature.

Key Contributions

  • Deliver Business and Technology Solutions:
    • Independently manage and achieve targets, contributing to team success by delivering business processes or technology solutions.
  • Field-Specific Expertise:
    • Analyze, develop, test, and implement processes, technologies, and systems in your area of expertise.
  • Achieve Short to Medium-Term Milestones:
    • Work towards defined milestones, with progress and achievements monitored regularly.
  • Advisory and Integration Role:
    • Provide functional advice and integrate services of operational or semi-professional colleagues.


  • Experience:
    • 3-5 years of relevant experience in the field.
  • Knowledge:
    • Comprehensive professional know-how in a specific sub-job family, combining practical experience and theoretical foundation.
    • Ability to apply and expand acquired knowledge in a broader professional context


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